Catholic Union of Texas, The KJT offers various whole life and term life plans as well as optional riders that can be used to enhance the policy.

Whole Life

Life insurance designed to provide coverage for the lifetime of the insured, generally with level premiums and with cash values.  Coverage remains in effect up to age 100 as long as the premium payments are kept current.



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Term Life

Life insurance protection that provides coverage for a set period of time.  Term insurance provides a death benefit only if death of the insured occurs during the term of the certificate.  KJT term plans are renewable after the initial time period expires if age permits and are convertible to a permanent plan of insurance without proving insurability up to age 70.



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Optional Riders

Additional coverages that can be attached to your whole life or term life policy to enhance the policy.

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KJT Life Insurance and Annuity Products are only available in the state of Texas


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